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Engaging in immersive learning


  Class of Virtual Reality learners 

Students engage in Virtual Reality tour of World War 2

Penrith Valley School is constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to engage students in learning.  Keeping up to date with modern technologies is key to improving outcomes for 21st century learners. At Penrith Valley we have been lucky enough to acquire the technology to allow students to engage in virtual reality experiences, travelling from the classroom into new and exciting environments through immersive 3D technology.

Students in stage 5 History recently had this opportunity. Donning 3D glasses they were transported back to 1941. Students felt the horror of war as they walked with British soldiers through the trenches. They watched on as American nurses saved the lives of their compatriots. They were able to experience war as they never have before, through the eyes of those who had been there before them.

Immersive 3D technology has opened the doors of History to students at Penrith Valley School like nothing before. We look forward to continuing to use the technology to transport students to new and exciting environments in the future!